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Making playgroup more accessible for everyone

Great news! Access to playgroup has just become a lot cheaper for local families.

The City of Port Phillip no longer requires our members to also be registered with Playgroup Victoria. This means the $40 Playgroup Victoria membership is now optional for individual families.

The change is in line with the council’s new Children’s Services Policy, ‘Every Child, Our Future’, which aims to improve access for all families to community-led playgroups, and reduce the financial barrier to attendance.

St Kilda Playgroup is retaining our organisation's membership of Playgroup Victoria, which includes public liability insurance.

For members who have joined or renewed your membership since 1 September 2019, we will support you to have your $40 Playgroup Victoria membership fee refunded if you choose not to be a Playgroup Victoria member. We are aware of who these families are and will be contacting you directly if you fall into this category.

In order to attend a playgroup at Bubup Nairm, you are required to be registered with St Kilda Playgroup, and pay the $15 annual fee per family ($10 concession for healthcare card holders). This has not changed, and your current membership fee will continue to cover you for the remainder of the time you registered. You will also continue to remain a member of Playgroup Victoria until your membership with that organisation expires.

For those who can afford it, Playgroup Victoria offers personal liability insurance as well as a suite of membership benefits for their $40 annual fee. The organisation is open to enquiries regarding a reduced fee for families in need.

Please see our website or email us if you have any questions about St Kilda Playgroup membership, and contact Playgroup Victoria if you have questions about their membership.

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