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(for New Parent Groups and other communities) 

1. Check our timetable and select any free slot that works for your group

Go to Timetable

2. Email with your playgroup timeslot preference

  • Group name. E.g.  'Babies March-Apr'24"

  • Timeslot you would like to secure for your group

  • Group Contact person* (group leader) details: Name, email, phone number

  • List of regular attendees

*Contact person - regular group member that could be contacted by the St Kilda Playgroup Committee, represents the group opinion/feedback and makes sure that the SKPG policy is followed by all group attendees (including active membership holding, online registration, behavioural best practice).

3. Wait for confirmation email from the Committee team, with a link to your personalised Eventbrite event. Note: Online registration is important for us to track your attendees, know who is using the space and contact all visitors in case of accidents (cases of infectious diseases, loss or damage of property, etc.)

4. Make sure you and all your group members are active St Kilda playgroup family membership holders. 

Check instruction on our Homepage.

Please carefully read our policy HERE>>.

5. Register on Eventbrite every time. 

We kindly ask our members not to forget to register via Eventbrite so that we can see that we had attendees at this session.

6. Come at your timeslot and have fun :) 

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