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  • How do I join St Kilda Playgroup?
    Joining is easy! Follow the details on the Home page of our website. It is compulsory to join before attending a playgroup.
  • How much does it cost to join St Kilda Playgroup?
    Annual membership of St Kilda Playgroup is $30 per family, or $20 if you have a health care card.
  • How do I find out when sessions are running?
    Our timetable lists all sessions and their times, and there is a link to book at the top of the page.
  • How do I contact you?
    Sure, you can email us to or use Contact form on a website.
  • Why do I have to book tickets for a session?
    It is a mandatory requirement of our lease with Port Phillip City Council. We are obliged to collect contact information about who attends the playgroup session in case we need to contact session visitors in case of incidents or change to the schedule. Your registration also helps us to track the play session attendance and keep us open.
  • Can I book multiple sessions at once?
    St Kilda Playgroup members are welcome to attend as many suitable sessions as you wish, as long as you are eligible to attend. Each session must be booked individually so that we know who is attending.
  • I’ve booked a session but can’t attend. How do I return my tickets?
    We understand that family life is complicated and sometimes plans change. If the session is not full there is no need to return your tickets. If you have booked for a sold out group or party then just email us to let us know you can no longer attend. You will be able to see how many people are attending the session when you book as it will tell you how many tickets are remaining. Each session has 25 tickets available.
  • How to know you are not alone?
    The initial number of tickets for all SKPG sessions is 25. If you see the lower number, it means that somebody has already registered and you most likely will not be the only attendee.
  • Do you offer free play sessions?
    Not at this time. We would love to offer free play sessions but it is too hard to track who is using the space and we found people were not cleaning up after themselves.
  • Can I start my own playgroup?
    We are glad you asked! As a member led playgroup we are always open to accepting new groups. All you need to do is email us with your name, contact details, type of playgroup (cultural, age based, etc) and the names of at least 2 people who would like to attend. We ask this because we have the problem of nobody turning up for groups and it puts new members off. If you do not know 2 people who will attend but are still interested in order to meet new people then email us anyway and we’ll see how we can help. Click this link for more information.. How to start a playgroup
  • There is another playgroup next door. Can I join them?
    The playgroup in the other room might be a cultural playgroup or a supported playgroup. The MCHN runs groups in our rooms as well so it might not be appropriate for you to join other groups and it could put them in an awkward position. If a group is appropriate for your needs and if you are eligible to join, then you can book tickets and join in. Please refer to our Session Eligibility Policy for more details.
  • Will there be someone to show me where to go when I get to Bubup Nairm?
    As we are non-facilitated, there will be no one to show you where to go or check your ticket when you arrive. Just follow the signs to the rooms and enjoy your session. The reception staff work for the council and are there for the MCHN so if they don’t help you then try not to be offended! Check your confirmation email for extra information. If you want someone to show you around the space before you attend then email us and we will see if someone is available.
  • Can I use the Bubup Nairm underground car park?
    Yes! Members can park in the -1 car park underneath the Bubup Nairm Centre. There are slots for ½ hour, 2 hour, and a few 3 hour parking slots free of charge. They are quite strict at giving tickets if you overstay in the car park or on the road outside.
  • I am on my own. Why is there no one here?
    We are a non-facilitated, member led playgroup. We hope the sessions are busy but as we are all busy parents it means we might not show up at the same time and on some occasions it could be that no one has shown up at all. We advise you to wait in the correct room until others arrive, and if you have been unfortunate enough to book in for a playgroup where no one else has attended, then please enjoy the facilities and hopefully it will be well attended the following week. Email us or ask someone attending the group if they have a WhatsApp chat for that session to keep you in the know.
  • Can I take food to playgroup?
    Yes – most foods. Tea and coffee facilities are provided in the kitchenette. It is extremely important to be aware of food allergies, not just for your kids but for all attendees. We are a NO NUTS facility, which means no nuts in food or nut milks anywhere on the premises. Please only allow kids to share food once parents/carers provide permission. All food scraps must be properly disposed of at the end of the session or taken home with you, and the kitchenette and rooms cleaned and sanitised.
  • What time do you close?
    Everyone must be out by 5pm.
  • What is the car park access code?
    Please check your Eventbrite confirmation email to get the actual code.
  • My child is a little sick. Can we attend playgroup?
    No. We all have enough illness to deal with! Please don’t attend the playgroup until all attendees are well. Please see our policies for more details.
  • Can I hold my child’s birthday party or other celebration at playgroup?
    The playgroup rooms are not available for after hours or weekend hire. If you want to hold a celebration during your child’s session, you are welcome to organise it with fellow St Kilda Playgroup members who also regularly attend that session. Everyone in attendance must be members, and as the sessions are open to others to book, please be mindful of including everyone. All decorations must be cleaned up and furniture put back in place at the end of the session. Please also see ‘Can I take food to playgroup?’ above.
  • What should I do if I find the playroom messy?
    We are really sorry that happened to you. Please take pictures and report to the committee. If you are able to do so, please post in our Facebook community group.
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