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Volunteering opportunities

St Kilda playgroup is up as running thanks to the support of our community members. We are looking for parents who are passionate about playgroups and ready to contribute to its improvement. 

Your opportunities 

  • Participate and influence the St Kilda Playgroup’s improvement

  • Become an active part of the local community

  • Find friends, make connections with other mums, cooperate and do great things.

  • Connect with other local family services and local council

  • Learn and try something new, develop your skills. As a non-for-profit organisation, we have plenty of work to do. If you have never tried accounting, design, organising events or anything else, this would be a great chance for you to practise and get feedback. 

  • Run new initiatives. Using a SKPG budget and facility, you will have an opportunity to organise cool events for kids

  • Gain volunteering experience for your CV. We have a LinkedIn profile, so you can lodge your experience, which could help you to find your first Australian job. 

About you

  • You are a parent/guardian

  • You attend (or are ready to) the St Kilda Playgroup at least once a week

  • You have at least 2-4h free time a week

This opportunity is definitely for you if 

  • You are active, but not working now (temp or perm)

  • You are new to Melbourne and want to become part of the community, find new friends

  • You want to feel busy, be helpful and make great things with visible results

  • You are stuck at home routine and dreaming about socialisation

  • You're after a way to bridge the gap between parenthood and returning to work

  • You love St Kilda playgroup and have ideas of improvement 

All positions are voluntary (not paid).

How to raise your hand and join our committee:

  1. Contact us via our form on our website

  2. Message a Facebook page admin 

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