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Playgroup is back!

St Kilda Playgroup sessions are due to resume on Tuesday, 9 March, provided there are no tightening of COVID-19 restrictions.

New process

We have developed the SKPG CovidSafe Plan based on the State Government's template, additional information and routine. These documents outline how we operate during the pandemic. These documents outline how we operate during the pandemic. Please read them all.

It is important that all SKPG members understand and abide by the new way of conducting playgroup sessions.

Members must also abide by our other policies, including our Health, Wellbeing & Vaccination Policy.

Booking sessions is compulsory

All parents/carers must book a place in their desired session for themselves and any children aged 12 months and over who are attending, using the free Try Booking app that has been included on the timetable page.

Booking is required for EVERY session you attend, by following the link on the timetable.

You can only book for the current week, as you need to confirm you and your child/ren are healthy, and we want to ensure fair access to all sessions. This will be revised over time, and the committee will be checking compliance.

You must also scan in using the Victorian Government's QR code at the entrance to Bubup Nairm when you arrive at every session. Note that entry to the Bubup Nairm building is via the carpark or ground level. You will then need to take the lift to level 1 and go directly to the playgroup rooms.


Our rooms at Bubup Nairm have undergone a deep clean by professional cleaners.

Toys are now stored in plastic containers and parents/carers must sanitise all toys used at the end of each session and return the toys to their containers. Any toys that can't be sanitised, such as plush toys and costumes, have been removed to enable us to more easily comply with our CovidSafe Plan.

Participants are requested to start the pack-up process 10 minutes before the end of each session, and follow the cleaning record you will find in the room, which includes sanitising surfaces, door handles and toys.

New timetable

The SKPG Committee has made changes to the timetable in response to COVID-19 and as a result of feedback and statistics regarding how the sessions were previously used.

The new timetable is designed to be more inclusive for everyone, and where possible, better accommodate children's sleep schedules.

Each age has two rather than the previous one session per week, and an all ages session has been included for each day, providing additional options for all families.

These changes have been made by scrapping the out-dated sessions which were a hangover from how they were originally created from new parent groups, which alter substantially over time.

We continue to welcome new parent groups and have made additional time for them in the new timetable, but as SKPG is a separate entity, all sessions are open to everyone with children of that noted age.

Cultural groups have also had their sessions increased, and those that have large numbers have been allocated both rooms, which will help address room capacity issues as a result of COVID-19.

These changes mean the old structure of the WhatsApp group contacts is no longer required. We feel there is value in having a link with parents/carers, but this can be achieved via our Facebook posts and email.


Membership of SKPG is compulsory to ensure public liability coverage.

The SKPG Committee has decided that all families who were financial members in 2019 or 2020 are automatically members for 2021, to compensate for the inability to participate in playgroup sessions while we were closed due to the pandemic. This means membership for these families will be due on 1 January, 2022.

New members are welcome to join at any time, and their membership will be for 12 months from the day they join. To join, scroll down to the membership information here.


We thank you for your support and understanding as we have all been grappling with how we can best provide a workable solution that enables playgroup sessions to resume.

We understand these new processes and changes are a lot to take on board, and we welcome feedback via email.

We will trial the new timetable until our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 21 April, and the new committee that will be elected at the AGM will have access to all the feedback and be able to make any changes it deems necessary.

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