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Meet our new Committee team 2021-2022

Committee team

St Kilda Playgroup is proud to announce the new committee of the 2021/2022 year, which started its work in July!

  • Maria Fernandez - President

  • Kate Vodolazkina - Vice President

  • Alessandra Azzone - Secretary

  • Abby Goucher - Treasurer

We know that a great life-changing year is coming ahead with a bit of uncertainty. Despite everything, our new trustful, passionate and dedicated team is ready to keep the St Kilda Playgroup up and running.

As every start must come to an end, we thank the previous committee members for the wonderful work they did during the most challenging 2020-2021 year. Their hard work and achievements helped us to keep growing, connecting families, and spreading positivity to our community!

Many new ideas are coming, keep close and stay safe!

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